Past Projects

Colorado Springs Urban Intervention has taken on several projects to demonstrate ways we can improve our city. Some of them have been sizable and lasting. Others have been little things, you might not notice.

Here are a few highlights –


Better Block Pikes Peak, 2012

We used troughs and donated materials to narrow Pikes Peak between Nevada Avenue and Tejon Street to one lane in each direction. We turned the space into a pedestrian oasis, hosting yoga on the median and setting up outdoor dining and benches. In taking space away from cars and giving it to pedestrians, we created vibrancy and excitement on the block. We also monitored and filmed and cataloged traffic patterns to determine that the road diet was sustainable.


Curbside Cuisine, 2013

We transformed the neglected gas station at the corner of Platte and Nevada avenues into a vibrant dining scene filled with culinary excitement from some of the city’s greatest food truck operators. Now outfitted with picnic tables and landscaping the once dreary corner draws students and business people alike for tasty eats. The project not only creates vibrancy where there was none, it also supports local small businesses. Once CSUI launched Curbside Cuisine, we handed it off to an entrepreneur to operate as a business and sustain the excitement.


• Downtown pedestrian wayfinding signs, 2014

We designed colorful and creative pedestrian signs to direct foot traffic in the downtown core to cool local venues, retailers, restaurants, cultural venues. We hung the signs on all of the drab green wayfinding signs in the city core. With walk times printed on the signs, the idea was to highlight the extreme walkability of our downtown and to show visitors and regulars alike what is downtown and how accessible it all is.


• The little things –

In addition to these big demonstrations, CSUI does little guerrilla activities to improve the pedestrian experience and enhance community. From moving benches to more opportune locations to negotiating with city officials to make projects easier and to invest in infrastructure that protects and promotes pedestrians and cyclists, CSUI is always working to help the city reach its potential.

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