Current and Future

CSUI is participating in Indy Give! this year. Please consider making a donation between Nov. 4 and Dec. 20 to help our organization continue making improvements in the built environment and pedestrian experience.

To generate a buzz, we’re building a mobile parklet that will make appearances throughout the next month and at the Parade of Lights. Contact us if you want to get involved in helping us construct it.

The future

CSUI has hundreds of ideas about how to make incremental improvements in our community and how to demonstrate Colorado Springs at its best. Of course, we’re always happy to have more ideas.

Please come to us with an idea and help lead us to achieve your vision.

Some of the projects currently in the planning stages include –

• Protected bike lane demonstrations

• Parklets – spaces that engage and attract pedestrians and people who will use sidewalk-adjacent spaces to enhance their daily lives. This is another example of taking space away from vehicles and giving it to people instead.

• Pop-up shops – Where there are parking lots and empty fields, what if there were architecturally striking temporary storefronts instead? It would provide affordable space for new businesses and it would engage pedestrians and fill uninspiring holes in our urban fabric.

• Bus Rapid Transit platforms – We’re working with the transportation department to demonstrate a rapid transit route connecting UCCS to downtown. The thing about rapid transit is that it needs to look and feel different from a regular bus route. CSUI can help to create temporary BRT platforms that standout from typical bus stops.

• There more – we have countless ideas and we’re always open to more. Bring your thoughts, your enthusiasm and your leadership to give your dream project legs.

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