Colorado Springs Urban Intervention

What We Do:

CSUI uses Tactical Urbanism (short-term projects to demonstrate possibilities in our public

spaces) to make our community more vibrant. We did the Better Block Pikes Peak experiment,

the food trucks at Nevada and Platte, and new signage downtown, among other projects. Lots of

great ideas still need testing, and we want to do the legwork, raise the volunteers, coordinate with

the City, and connect ideas with action.

Why We’re Great:

Colorado Springs could use a little shaking up, and our projects are a low-cost, low-risk, high-
impact way to open peoples’ minds about what is possible in our roads, parks, and other public

spaces. We are action-oriented, grassroots, and experimental, which enables us to do what other

organizations and government agencies can’t, and our fun, creative, playful projects bring out the

best in Colorado Springs.

How You Can Help:

We need volunteers, lumber, artificial turf, high-quality pallets, assistance with construction

specialities (electrical, carpentry, etc). New ideas are always always welcome.


“CSUI embodies citizen-driven urban action that show us the kind of community we can be when

we put people, placemaking and a culture of ‘yes’ at the heart.”

Susan Edmondson, Downtown Partnership Executive Director

Key Factoid:

A weekend streetscape intervention in Memphis, Tennessee led to 8 new businesses, $12M in

private investment, and a new 2-way cycle track within two years.

“Tactical urbanism is the use of short-term or temporary projects to test out or to demonstrate the

possibility for long-term change,” says Lydon, a principal with the New York City-based Street

Plans Collaborative, who takes credit for coining the phrase several years ago.


Want to get involved? Want to donate? Want to suggest a project?

Contact us. Our structure is loose, but any of these people can help get you plugged in.


John Olson




Amanda Miller Luciano



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